Residential Services

Water Well Drilling

We are the number one residential water well drilling company in Clinton County, Michigan, and one of the largest drilling companies in the Mid-Michigan region. We have a reputation for providing high-quality service. We offer warranties on select well drilling and water system installations. Call (989) 666-6426 or email for details 

Water Systems Installation

After the water well is drilled, we install a pump and pressure tank, which will extract and regulate the flow of water from the water well. Our installation technicians have experience in designing and implementing water systems. We engineer each water system depending on the needs of your household.

We generally install and service submersible water well pumps, but can also service and source jet pumps and booster turbine pumps if needed to continue your existing setup. We offer a full line of pressure tanks depending on the volume of water your household uses, and we offer all of the critical accessories and plumbing parts that complete the remainder of the water system.

To learn more about installing or upgrading your water system, please contact Tim Jandernoa at (989) 666-6426 or submit a request for quote

Repair and Maintenance

We have the most dependable water well and water system service team in the region. If you are out of water, have low water pressure, dirty water, or you experience spits of air coming from your faucet, please submit a service request, and our technicians will come to your house and resolve the problem. Any of these symptoms are an indication that you have trouble with the water well, pump or the pressure tank. We generally stock pumps, pressure tanks, and other critical accessories, and will restore your quality of water the same day.

If you are out of water or have an urgent service request, please call us directly at (989) 666-6426. We are open Monday through Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. Emergency Technicians are available after-hours for EMERGENCIES and on the weekends.

Hand Water Pumps

If you have ever experienced the inconvenience of a power outage or desired a quick water source for a garden without having to run extensive garden hoses, a hand water pump is the perfect solution. Hand water pumps are manually-operated and require no electricity. Furthermore, if you have an existing water well on your property, no further drilling is required. The installation of hand water pumps is quick and affordable.

To learn more about installing a hand pump at your home or property, please contact Tim Jandernoa (989) 666-6426 or submit a request for quote